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The Imperial Dread Sea Scolls, Volume I. The ebook that launched my writing career.

Those Eyes...
The Imperial Dread Sea Scolls, Volume II. Continued motivational essay compostition.

Vampire Nation
Those eyes... is a free ebook for you reading pleasure!

Birthright Slayer

Author MM

Author MM


Welcome to the official website of Author MM, aka Michael Meisberger, where fantastic landscapes and cultures form the background for intricately detailed stories of good versus evil. His unique, smooth-flowing style has piqued the interest of readers looking for escape with vampire fiction, challenging motivational essays, novels or a quick read short story.

Current News:I am working on a fantasy adventure titled Rangers Keep as well as just released my cience fiction novel titled Parabellum.

A little about me:
I was, and still am, addicted to reading. When I was young, I liked to read fantasy and Sci Fi. I devoured entire series as fast as publishers could print them. Nonetheless, I never really had a favorite author. Most writers had their own style or way of telling the story, and I enjoyed that. Then, out of the blue, I stopped reading. I guess my appetite had been satiated.

It was then, that the sinister urge hit me to begin a story of my own. I have never considered myself a writer. Every teacher, instructor, or professor, I ever came into contact with was convinced I would never be a writer. My style was "unacceptable," my grammar incorrect, my spelling horrid, and my story development deplorable. I don't think I ever received a mark above a "C" in any English / Writing Comp. class. And trust me when I tell you I have taken more than a few writing intensive courses!

I earned a baccalaureate degree with a 3.0 gpa and held over a 3.7gpa in my major despite a learning disorder and ADHD. Even so, the English department professors told me I would never be a writer / published author. But then again, these same types of people, university professors that is, flunked Einstein out of school.

Interestingly, most of the non-educators that were brave enough to read my short stories thoroughly enjoyed them and complimented me on them time and time again. I was receiving mixed signals! I was also receiving very good feedback from those kind enough to read my work and provide comment outside of the academic community.

One day I came to the sudden revelation: Professors and critics don't buy books, the masses do.

If I was being well received by those reading my essays and stories for enjoyment, and not for grammatically correct sentence structure, why not put my words into a novel and let the people decide? I wanted to write my vampire slayer story. I began to pen my first novel, Birthright... Slayer. Being a Van Helsing fan from way back, I decided to pen from the slayer's point of view.


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